NsureHub partners with Guardian Leak Detection

Homeowners insurance provider NsureHub partnered with Guardian Leak Detection, a Chicago-based smart leak prevention company that specializes in detecting leaks and controlling valves to prevent the damage of properties caused by water in various homes.

NsureHub will offer its customers discounts on their home insurance policies and Guardian devices purchased via their website. “We strive to use technology to make the insurance buying process as seamless as possible for our customers.” – Alvaro Ortiz, President Of NsureHub.

The smart leak prevention company is a system made up of professional leak detectors and valve controllers that work together to automatically detect leaks and turn off water automatically, preventing further damage. It offers ‘simple and effective’ prevention systems which include:

1. Self Installation of the Guardian valve controller over your existing plumbing in minutes.

2. Placement of leak detectors throughout the home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances to monitoring them for leaks.

3. Monitoring and controlling the water system from various locations via an internet connection with its mobile application.

NsureHub’s partnership with Guardian enables them to provide their customers with multiple detection points, offline functionality, and remote access which NsureHub considered the ideal solution for its customers to safeguard their homes, protect themselves against water damage, and save up some dollars with discounts on their home insurance and by purchasing the guardian system via the company’s website.

NsureHub’s policies are currently available in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.