NTUC Income Caters to Digital Natives

Income has “widened the access to life insurance by consumers” with the launch of Online Life and askSage, its life insurance portal and digital adviser for life insurance respectively.

Online Life, which features life insurance products that can be purchased online, integrates with digital adviser askSage to help consumers make informed decision and “empower self-serve of financial planning at their convenience anytime and anywhere.”

While being integrated, Online Life and askSage are two standalone platforms. Those who are certain about their financial needs can use Online Life to select and purchase directly a savings or protection plan based on their preferred budget and policy terms. And those who prefer a financial review and needs analysis prior to purchase can access askSage for “self-serve advisory” and obtain a shortlist of products for direct purchase seamlessly on Online Life.

“The integrated proposition of Online Life and askSage is powerful because, for the first time, consumers are supported with digital assets that enable self-service of life insurance seamlessly online from fact-finding, financial review and needs analysis to direct product identification, comparison and purchase. For digital natives who primarily prefer online engagements, the integrated digital proposition is timely in extending their access to life insurance and closing their protection gap. This is significant as traditional outreach by financial advisers to this segment of the community has proven to be challenging.” – Income’s COO Peter Tay.