OneBeacon Partners With Caviar

Food delivery platform Caviar, is now offering its gig workers insurance protection on every single delivery by introducing occupational accident coverage underwritten by OneBeacon. Free of charge and with no grace period, every courier is automatically covered from the minute they accept an order for delivery through the minute they complete the delivery. Coverage highlights include: up to $1M per accident, $100k accidental death benefit & survivor’s benefits for dependents, and disability – both temporary and continuous, at 50% of average weekly earnings.


“We saw the opportunity to go above and beyond industry norms to offer economic opportunity and benefits to our courier community. Thanks to our incredible insurance partner, OneBeacon, we were able to create a unique Occupational Accident insurance policy that offers the right protections — and best of all, is no cost to couriers.” – via Caviar’s blog.


And while we’re at it, here’s a list of the most popular eats by city according to Caviar.