Onlia Insurance is Almost Here

Achmea has signed an agreement with Fairfax Financial to jointly provide a fully digital P&C insurance proposition under the new Onlia brand.

Onlia will operate on Achmea’s InShared platform and will offer auto and home insurance later this year in Canada. “Although we’re still putting the finishing touches on our home and auto insurance offering, we decided not to wait any longer to launch our mission to make Canada safer. So here we are.”

“Starting in Canada fits well with the international strategy of Achmea, which, among other things, focuses on growth via the core competencies of the group, online and direct distribution. The Canadian market is attractive, given its population of over 35 million, expected growth and the continuing shift in personal lines to direct and online distribution.” – Chairman of the Executive Board of Achmea, Willem van Duin.

“We are very excited to become partners with Achmea. Achmea has an excellent long-term track record and tremendous experience as one of the leading digital insurers in Europe. We look forward to working with Achmea and to growing Onlia with the team led by Pieter Louter over the long-term in Canada.” – Chairman and CEO of Fairfax, Prem Watsa.

Bottom Line: Sonnet Insurance comes to mind.