Orchard launches home insurance and home warranty

New York-based home buying marketplace Orchard announced the launch of Orchard Insurance and Orchard Warranty.

With Orchard Insurance, customers can quickly and easily compare quotes from dozens of carriers to find the best coverage option that meets their specific needs. With Orchard Warranty, customers can easily purchase a plan that protects them from any unforeseen repair bills that can come with purchasing a home. The new product offerings join Orchard’s home search tools, its customer dashboard, and digital closing services-Orchard Home Loans and Orchard Title-to make for a more robust, fully-integrated home buying experience.

“At Orchard, we’re radically simplifying the way people buy their homes, bringing the entire experience, from start to finish, into the 21st century. Our customers tell us that using Orchard was a game changer for them, but they wished that even more parts of the home buying process were integrated into the Orchard platform. We’re thrilled to add insurance and warranty so that customers have the option to get everything they need to buy a home with Orchard.” – Court Cunningham, CEO and Co-Founder of Orchard.

Orchard Insurance will further streamline the home buying process by allowing customers to quickly and easily find the plan that works best for them. Within minutes of filling out the online application, they will receive an email with the best coverage options tailored to their situations and can easily compare them side-by-side. Once the customer decides on which policy to purchase, they can easily provide the proof of insurance to Orchard Home Loans and seamlessly close on their home loan.

Orchard Warranty allows customers to easily purchase a protection plan that will shield them from any large expenses that typically come with repairing or replacing any major appliances or systems in their home. This alleviates any additional home buying stress because customers won’t have to worry about substantial out-of-pocket costs that can come with the wear and tear of their home.