Oscar Health Launches its Clinical Dashboard to Deliver Better Care


According to Oscar, one of the advantages of managing health insurance claims is the ability to store claims data in one single platform, which it now does. The unicorn startup announced the launch of its Clinical Dashboard, a tool that gives doctors a more holistic view – Oscar’s view – into a patient’s medical journey and flags clinically relevant information that they need to know. Because electronic health records do not include data on emergency room visits or telemedicine consultations; to name two. Look.


Two things to note. One. When a doctor logs into the Clinical Dashboard, notifications like multiple prescriptions, recent ER visits, or a series of health care interactions – are surfaced. Two. Oscar built custom integrations for hospitals systems and telemedicine sessions in order to provide doctors with discharge summaries and consultation notes they wouldn’t be able to get through their own systems. Bottom Line: electronic health records rarely tell the full story of a patient’s health but Oscar’s Clinical Dashboard can . At least that’s the goal. BTW, did you know that Oscar’s chief technology officer Alan Warren is an ex-Googler? And so is Director of Operations at Slice Dawid Glawdzin. File under ‘Fun Friday Facts’.