Overhaul and Movingdots announce a collaboration

Supply chain integrity solutions company Overhaul and Swiss Re subsidiary Movingdots are collaborating to provide motor carriers with data to identify and address driver behavior. As part of the collaboration, Overhaul’s TruckShield platform will work with Movingdots’ telematics solution Coloride to enhance data gathering and machine learning techniques, allowing carriers to detect and correct risky driver behavioral events, “helping ensure on-time shipments while also lowering costs for insurers.”

Last year, Overhaul announced the launch of TruckShield, a risk-management technology solution for North American motor carriers. TruckShield is a “low-cost” solution that uses existing motor-carrier fleet hardware to identify dangerous or illegal driving practices in real time, and implement corrective actions to avoid costly situations that can develop due to motor accidents. Also last year, Overhaul and CNA Insurance joined forces to offer motor carriers enhanced insurance program opportunities utilizing TruckShield.

“Coloride technology can coach drivers to implement safer driving behaviors, preventing accidents on the road. By joining forces with Overhaul, many more commercial fleets will get access to this technology. Drivers will see their trip details including risk events like excessive speeds and will have an overview on how to improve their driving style. We are thrilled to continue spreading safety and innovation in mobility through cutting-edge technology together with Overhaul.” – Donato Genovese, Movingdots’ CEO.

“Motor carrier owners and operators alike are facing astronomical insurance rates and having to reallocate funds and resources, only creating more hurdles and roadblocks for the industry. Our work with Movingdots is helping revolutionize a trucking industry that’s in need of any opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, be it increased visibility, on-time deliveries or lower insurance premiums. We’re proud of our ongoing innovations with the Movingdots team and look forward to standing by our trucking clients across each and every route.” – David Broe, COO of Overhaul.