PartnerRe launches “DUET Edge”

PartnerRe announced the launch of DUET Edge by PartnerRe, a digital underwriting solution for life insurance companies. The solution simplifies the life insurance purchasing experience, creating a “fluid and intuitive” customer journey.

PartnerRe has developed its digital underwriting solution allowing its clients to dematerialize the selection of risks in provident insurance. With DUET Edge, the medical selection as well as the consideration of professional risk, the practice of sports or stays around the world are done through an interactive online course, transparently linked to predictive algorithms.

This solution uses the latest technologies and offers new flexibility allowing each client to define their own selection philosophy and to adapt the questions to the insurance candidate as well as to all types of products.

“We are delighted to offer DUET Edge by PartnerRe to our clients. Drawing on PartnerRe’s vast global expertise, we sought to create a solution that offers true harmony between underwriting and selling. Thanks to DUET Edge by PartnerRe, our customers now have a simple and flexible tool, easy to integrate and customize, allowing them to reconcile development and a rigorous selection policy.” – Marc Archambault, CEO Life & Health PartnerRe.