Pay Per Mile – More Than Metromile

Two things about Oregon.


One. Mile Auto (Mile) is selling policies only in Oregon at the moment.



The Atlanta-based MGA, established in 2016 with $1M in funding, offers pay-per-mile auto insurance underwritten by Falls Lake National Insurance Company. The offer is suitable for college students, empty nesters, urban commuters, retirees, weekend explorers, Sunday drivers, and remote workers. “If you drive 10,000 miles or less a year, Mile likely makes sense for you.” Here’s how it works: Mile Auto customers use their smartphones to report mileage once a month. Mile will add those miles at the per-mile rate to one’s base rate, and that’s what the policyholder will pay. The company is led by Fred Blumer, cofounder and CEO of Vehcon, a connected vehicle services company established in 2012 that utilizes smartphone technologies to provide vehicle data to customers across the automotive ecosystem. One last thing – Mile’s ‘get a quote’ button isn’t getting anyone a quote online:



Two. Aside from Metromile and Mile Auto, Lincoln, RI-based Amica also offers a pay-per-mile scheme available exclusively for Oregon drivers.



The telematics program called FlexMile, powered by IMS, was introduced last summer. “If you’re driving fewer than 8,000 miles a year, FlexMile is a great, low-cost insurance option.” Here’s how it works: miles are tracked through a device that plugs into the car’s onboard computer and a mobile app that allows the policyholder to track miles driven. The word on the street, below: