Peloton enters the corporate wellness space

Peloton is introducing Peloton Corporate Wellness, a new way to bring Peloton content or connected fitness products to businesses and organizations operating in the United StatesUnited KingdomCanada, and Germany, with Australia coming later this year. The same Peloton used by more than 5.4 million members is now available to organizations “who are committed to providing employees access to innovative mental and physical health resources.”

Starting today, organizations can offer subsidized access to Peloton Digital and All Access Memberships, as well as exclusive benefits on Connected Fitness products. Corporate Wellness partners will receive access to tailored enterprise features to help drive strong engagement, reduce administrative workload and measure impact.

Wayfair, Samsung, SAP, Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture, and Sky, in the U.K., are among the first organizations partnering with Peloton Corporate Wellness. Eligible employees of these companies will receive a range of options including free access to the Peloton App and exclusive benefits on Connected Fitness products to support team building and healthy habits.

“Introducing Peloton Corporate Wellness is the latest step to making the award winning Peloton experience more accessible. Over the years we’ve worked hard to help our Members achieve healthier and happier lifestyles. Peloton Corporate Wellness is the natural extension for us to be able to scale that offering. Together with our Corporate Wellness partners, we’re now able to share the experience with millions more while also driving stronger culture and community within the workplace.” – Peloton’s President William Lynch. 

Bottom Line: A relevant read.