Policygenius and Barnum Financial Group expand partnership

Policygenius and Barnum Financial Group, in conjunction with Risk and Insurance Associates, announced an expanded partnership to bring term life fulfillment platform Policygenius Pro to Barnum’s network of financial advisors. With this tool, advisors and agents can refer their clients to Policygenius to take them through the entire life insurance placement process, from finalizing policy selection to placing coverage in-force.

Barnum and RIA were early adopters of the Policygenius Pro platform, “running a successful pilot program and then scaling access to hundreds of their advisors.”

“The Policygenius Pro platform is precisely the partnership we needed to help us scale our firm and our advisors’ practices efficiently. Our advisors can refer clients in minutes and trust that an experienced Policygenius Pro agent will reach out and help guide their clients through the application process. Making sure clients are taken care of is our number one priority, and Policygenius Pro has allowed us to expand our ability to cater to the clients’ diverse needs.” – Stefano Martini, CTO at Barnum.

“Barnum has played a crucial part in helping us solidify our roadmap for Policygenius Pro. Their early adoption and feedback, coupled with their innovative business goals and consistent use of our platform, highlights how committed they are to improving their advisor and client experiences.” – Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder of Policygenius.