Porsche launches pay-per-mile insurance in Germany

Porsche Versicherungsdienst, a division of Porsche Financial Services GmbH, has launched a new usage-based car insurance offering in Germany in partnership with HDI Versicherung AG.

The product, Porsche Car Policy Flex, allows car owners to pay a basic monthly fee and an additional premium for each kilometer driven. With the help of Porsche Connect Partner Services, mileage can obtained without the need of additional hardware.

The coverage is available for 911, Taycan, Panamera and Cayenne vehicles with Porsche Connect.

Porsche also offers traditional car insurance.

“The increasing networking of vehicles opens up opportunities in the design of car insurance that are as individual as the Porsche sports cars and their drivers. We want to use these opportunities. That’s why we are expanding our previous insurance portfolio with a data-based tariff.” – Michael Löffler, CMO of Porsche Financial Services GmbH.