Portuguese bank Banco Best offers product insurance via chatbot

Banco Best and simplesurance have started selling mobile, laptop and tablet insurances via BEA (Best Electronic Assistant), the Bank’s chatbot that’s available via its website and Facebook Messenger.

Now Portuguese customers can engage with the chatbot 24/7 to ask questions about the insurance products offered. Once the client has understood the advantages, BEA starts asking questions about the device in order to run an online real-time simulation, and provide pricing for the mobile, tablet or laptop underwritten by Allianz. After accepting the offer, the chatbot guides the customer through the rest of the journey. Following the successful purchase, simplesurance will send the certificate of insurance to the customer.

“This is an amazing achievement and reinforces Banco Best’s commitment to be ahead of the curve. We have gathered an extraordinary partnership that enables us to adapt and seize new opportunities in our business model. Because the chatbot BEA works 24 hours on our website and Facebook, we improve the customer experience and promote financial inclusion using a cutting-edge technology delivered in a simple way.” – Banco Best CEO, Madalena Torres.

For this project, Banco Best developed the API integration with simplesurance on top of the Visor.ai chatbot platform, a cross border implementation that encapsulates not only the technology but also the building of knowledge to support the customer queries.

“We are more than happy to have teamed up with such a tech-driven cooperation partner in the financial industry, capable of creating a unique customer journey. The chatbot integration is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership and we look forward to realizing more innovative and situative insurance products with Banco Best.” – Robin von Hein, CEO & Founder, simplesurance.