Postmates Partners with One Beacon and Stride Health

Postmates announced it will be unveiling an occupational accident insurance benefit this Fall to all members of its Fleet – 350,000 gig workers – in an effort to provide coverage for medical expenses, disability, and other costs resulting from a covered injury on an active delivery.

In partnership with OneBeacon, starting October 1, 2019, every member of the Postmates fleet will be provided occupational accident insurance with up to $1M of coverage for medical expenses incurred from a covered injury sustained on active delivery. The insurance also covers temporary and total disability payments, as well as death & survivor benefits stemming from an occupational accident.

In partnership with Stride Health, Postmates is expanding access to: board-certified physicians; new disability & life insurance plans; discounted access to prescription medicines. The expansion builds on an existing partnership with Stride health which has enrolled thousands of Postmates in Obamacare coverage & helps manage tax & IRS filings for workers in the gig-economy. In November of 2018, Postmates was also the first in the on-demand delivery sector to offer Postmates a free health savings account (HSA), through Starship, to save on medical expenses.

“These new benefits are just the beginning. But we won’t be satisfied until all Postmates – and all gig workers across the sector – have the protections and opportunities they deserve. We’re going to keep working with our fleet members, other companies, labor unions, and policymakers to make that bigger, bolder deal for gig workers a reality. This journey starts now.” – Cofounder and CEO of Postmates, Bastian Lehmann.