Progressive Launches HomeQuote Explorer

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — July 24, 2017 — Progressive (NYSE: PGR) is announcing a groundbreaking tool called HomeQuote Explorer . This new online platform allows homeowners to quickly and easily compare home insurance quotes from multiple carriers to find the best option to protect their homes.


“This might sound familiar, because it’s the formula we used to put the power of comparison shopping in the hands of auto insurance customers in 1996,” said Progressive CEO, Tricia Griffith. “We think HomeQuote Explorer will compel a lot of homeowners to take a few minutes to make sure they’re getting the right coverage at the right rate.”


“Because each home is so unique, getting a home quote used to take a long time,” adds Customer Acquisition Leader, Dan Witalec. “With Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer, most people can get multiple, complete and accurate, quotes in 15 minutes or less.”


“It does this by pulling in publicly available information on a property automatically to save the homeowner time, and has an easy-to-use series of prompts to help the user enter other required information.”


“For example,” adds Witalec, “many people don’t know whether they have a gable, mansard, hip or gambrel roof. But HomeQuote Explorer uses photos of roof types to help homeowners quickly identify what they have. We wanted to make this easy.”


“This platform will keep getting smarter, as we learn more and continue to add new features to make it even easier to get home insurance quotes online,” Witalec adds.


Learn more about the faster and easier way to search for home insurance on HomeQuote Explorer. Visit for all of Progressive’s services.


About Progressive
The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies makes it easy to understand, buy and use auto insurance. Progressive offers choices so consumers can reach it whenever, wherever and however it’s most convenient — online at, by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE, on a mobile device or in-person with a local agent.


Progressive provides insurance for personal and commercial autos and trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and homes. Home insurance is underwritten by select carriers, including American Strategic Insurance Corp. and subsidiaries (ASI), our majority owned subsidiaries.


Progressive is the fourth largest auto insurer in the country; a leading seller of motorcycle and commercial auto insurance; and through ASI, one of the top 20 homeowners carriers.


Founded in 1937, Progressive continues its long history of offering shopping tools and services that save customers time and money, like Name Your Price®, Snapshot®, and Service Centers.


The Common Shares of The Progressive Corporation, the Mayfield Village, Ohio-based holding company, trade publicly at NYSE:PGR.


Source: Progressive.