Progressive Launches UBI for Commercial Truck Drivers

Last year, Progressive launched a program that offered truckers electronic logging devices (ELD) free of charge in exchange for sharing their data for analysis. After gaining insights from more than twenty-five billion miles, and working closely with leading ELD vendors, Progressive has announced Smart Haul, its new usage-based insurance program for commercial truck drivers that adjusts insurance rates based on data from drivers’ ELD.



Available to owner operators and small fleets that have an ELD, the new program offers qualifying truckers a minimum savings of 3% on their initial commercial auto policy period just for signing up and sharing their ELD driving data. Over time, rates will be adjusted based on drivers’ ELD, which records driving data and hours of service.


“We know many drivers are still becoming comfortable with ELDs. And we think turning the ELD requirement into an opportunity to save some money for safe driving will appeal to lots of truckers. Our extensive experience providing UBI to our auto customers through our long-running Snapshot program helped us introduce this innovation for the commercial truck market.” – Commercial Lines President at Progressive, John Barbagallo.