Promutuel Insurance Launches Appi Car Insurance Scheme


Quebec-based Promutuel Insurance announced the launch of Appi, a telematics program designed to help policyholders save on their car insurance premium .


Here’s How it Works: Driver downloads the app. Drives carefully….And smiles. All the way to the bank. Also, no matter the driving, policyholders will never be penalized. The app will provide a driving score based on three criteria: soft braking, speed limit observance and gradual acceleration. “In the design of the mobile application, we placed a lot of importance on the user experience. Our goal is to help drivers improve their driving by giving them easy access to a wealth of detailed data. Whether it’s speed, braking, acceleration or distance traveled, the driver has everything in hand to improve… and save more! In addition, Appi does not require a cellular data plan. We can offer it to more policyholders” – COO Guy Lecours.


Bottom Line: up to 30% savings.