Proximus teams up with AXA Partners

Proximus, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, is partnering with AXA Partners to launch Cyber Care, an insurance policy offering technical, legal, financial and psychological support in the event of cybercrime. Proximus claims that it is the first Belgian operator to offer such a product.

For €4.99 per month, Cyber Care offers all family members living under the same roof 24/7 support. The insurance policy also covers cases of online harassment and defamation and it features an ecommerce component, offering coverage of up to 5,000 euros for non-delivery or incorrect delivery of an order.

“We want to bring to our customers all the exciting opportunities the digital world offers. At the same time, we also know that this comes with some challenges as well. Unfortunately, we may all find ourselves falling victim to cybercrime one of these days. This is something which frightens a lot of people and it can really hold them back in their digital lives. So I’m delighted that Proximus and AXA Partners are launching this innovative product, because it’ll help to increase the level of consumer confidence and offer real peace of mind, whilst at the same time offering people genuine legal, financial, psychological and technical protection against different forms of cybercrime. The launch of Cyber Care is part of Proximus’s commitment to creating a safer, more responsible digital world.” – Jim Casteele, chief consumer market officer at Proximus.

“The AXA Future Risk Report 2021 indicates that both experts and the public consider cyber risks as the second most important risk to our society. Our annual cyber barometer, as well as many other media and studies, also highlight the significant negative impact of various pitfalls related to digital solutions. To help people avoid these dangers or to provide immediate support when they encounter problems, we need to work together and join forces. That’s why I’m very pleased that AXA Partners and Proximus are working together to better protect consumers and users of digital solutions in a context of increasingly massive use of them.” – Christophe Marius, CEO AXA Partners Northern Europe.