A Quick Look at PolicyCastle’s One Minute Quick Quote App

UK-based digital insurance platform PolicyCastle has recently announced that it will offer UK customers who have qualifying smart home devices installed in their homes discounts on the cost of their home insurance premiums. Discounts are available for new or existing PolicyCastle customers who have installed in their homes qualifying surveillance or leak detecting smart devices from a range of manufacturers including Hive, Nest and Samsung.

The customer is required to provide proof that the smart device is being used in their home by uploading a photo of the device, taken with the customer’s mobile phone. The geo-code on the photo is checked against the home’s location for verification, and stored securely in the customer’s online account with PolicyCastle. Also, customers who install qualifying smart home devices during the life of their policy can make a mid-term adjustment through their online account to benefit from the discount.

Get a feel for its UI below.

Note. PolicyCastle’s home insurance is provided by UK General.