QuinStreet to power NerdWallet’s auto insurance marketplace

Personal finance company NerdWallet selected internet performance marketing company QuinStreet to exclusively power its auto insurance marketplace.

QuinStreet has over 10 years of experience matching and connecting auto insurance shoppers with insurance carriers and agents. The company provides access to over 65 national, regional and specialty insurance carriers and a network of approximately 6,000 insurance agents. QuinStreet, which works with over 800 media partners, has expanded its presence in the auto insurance marketplace five-fold over the past six years, now connecting close to 30 million consumers annually to insurance carriers and agents.

NerdWallet and QuinStreet collaborated for two years to simplify and enhance the insurance shopping process for NerdWallet consumers. They initially launched a shopping experience for NerdWallet community members. The two are further building on their past partnership by further integrating QuinStreet consumer segmentation and matching capabilities with NerdWallet expertise in user experience and engagement. They are also working on more customization for consumers, working directly with insurance carriers and insurance agents in the QuinStreet client network. The objective is to enable NerdWallet to deliver a truly unique solution that is optimized for its community members.

Get a feel for NerdWallet’s auto insurance flow below:

“QuinStreet’s proven ability to facilitate NerdWallet’s collaboration with large insurance carriers and help developing a customized shopping solution for our audience has been invaluable. It is clear that QuinStreet’s auto insurance platform is robust, delivers excellent consumer engagement and generates strong revenue. By formally harnessing QuinStreet’s solutions, we expect to bring the best possible shopping experience to our visitors and materially increase this important segment of our business.” – NerdWallet’s insurance category manager, Dave Goldberg.

“NerdWallet’s ‘consumer first’ approach aligns perfectly with QuinStreet’s mission. We will continue to invest in strategic alliances with companies like NerdWallet that provide free content, tools and guidance to help consumers make better financial decisions.” – QuinStreet’s SVP, publisher media, Brett Moses.

Note: NerdWallet redirects site visitors interested in life insurance to Policygenius when they hit ‘Compare Quotes’ and to Quotacy when they click ‘Get Quotes’ at the bottom.