Reserv Hires Natural Language AI Expert James Maddox as Chief Technology Officer

Reserv, an AI-driven insurance Third Party Administrator (TPA), is excited to announce the hiring of James Maddox as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). James, an expert in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, co-founded Mya Systems, which developed advanced recruiting automation solutions using conversational AI. Following its acquisition by StepStone, a prominent global job platform, he assumed the role of Head of LLM Agent R&D, focusing on the development of AI-powered products and services.

At Reserv, Mr. Maddox will be responsible for transforming the adjuster experience from a manual process of one-way data input to an interactive experience utilizing LLMs and modern architecture to guide the entire experience. He will focus not only on automation, but compliance, training, and reporting to support Reserv’s unprecedented speed to scale.   

“I am thrilled to join Reserv at this pivotal inflection point.”, said Mr. Maddox. “The potential of AI and modern technology practices to transform the claims administration process is immense. By integrating Large Language Models, we’re not just streamlining operations and enhancing economic efficiency; we’re fundamentally improving the experience of policyholders. Our goal is to provide seamless, efficient service while delivering richer data and sharper insights back to carriers and underwriters. I believe that our efforts at Reserv will set a new standard in the industry, demonstrating how technology can create value for all stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem.”

“We are thrilled to have James as our CTO,” said CJ Przybyl, CEO and co-founder at Reserv. “His expertise in applying developing AI algorithms, coupled with our unified data captured by a completely SaaS-based architecture, will enable us to realize scalable operational efficiencies. This is already enabling an enhanced customer experience and generating more data than any other TPA. We are on our way to making TPAs what they should be, the critical data hub of the industry.”

Reserv exited stealth mode in July 2022 and has quickly scaled to over 100 employees spanning the US and the UK. The company operates on a single software system across the entire world which has streamlined multi-national scale and has unified previously disparate data points. The TPA services are available for all non-workers compensation lines of P&C business in the US and UK today. 

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About Reserv

Reserv is a digital-native TPA incubating next-generation automation technology and AI focused on bringing speed, advanced data science, and simplicity to the experience of consumers, insurance adjusters, and carriers. There is a better way to manage claims and we are building it. For more information about Reserv visit



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