Resilience acquires BreachQuest

Cyber insurance startup Resilience announced the acquisition of BreachQuest, a cybersecurity company offering an incident response solution.

The BreachQuest platform integrates into cloud office systems, providing a look back for incident forensics and helping speed incident response efforts, reduce containment time, and lower incident costs.

BreachQuest is based in Texas and publicly disclosed $4.4 million in funding. It officially launched in August 2021 and has experienced a workforce decline, going from ~40 employees in February 2022 to ~9 employees today.

“At its core, Resilience is built around using all forms of data to stay ahead of the bad guys. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter and faster in how they execute business email compromise, and with the addition of tools like generative AI being added to their arsenal, the threat is only growing. BreachQuest helps us address this and so much more. Their team and technology have been proven to reduce the financial impact of one of the largest areas of cyber risk facing our clients and I’m excited to welcome them to Resilience.” – Vishaal “V8” Hariprasad, co-founder and CEO at Resilience.

“Resilience shares our mission in helping improve a client’s cyber resilience and lowering the impact of costly cyber incidents. I’m incredibly proud of all the work our team has put in to support our clients in fighting back against new and evolving cyber threats. Now I’m excited to further scale our mission by integrating BreachQuest’s tech into Resilience’s cyber risk management software and their overall incident management solution.” – Shaun Gordon, BreachQuest co-founder and CEO.

“The synergy between BreachQuest’s cutting-edge platform and Resilience’s proactive approach to incident management offers our clients the speed, skill, and automation they need to reduce the financial impact of these costly threats.” – Tim Riley, SVP of Business Development.