Retirable partners with eHealth

Retirement guidance and planning startup Retirable announced a partnership with online health insurance marketplace eHealth.

The collaboration aims to provide “comprehensive support” for seniors by combining retirement planning expertise with “tailored” Medicare and health insurance solutions.

Founded in 2019, Retirable targets individuals who plan to retire in the next few years. It also offers services to those who have recently retired.

“We are excited about the direct impact of this partnership on the lives of seniors. By combining Retirable’s expertise in retirement peace of mind with eHealth’s innovative health insurance solutions, we aim to empower seniors to make informed decisions that lead to better health and financial outcomes—furthering our mission to empower a confident, worry-free retirement for everyone.” – Tyler End, CEO & Co-Founder at Retirable.

“Financial security and healthcare security are both tremendously important to American seniors, and in fact, it’s hard to have one without the other. That’s why partnering with Retirable is such a natural fit for eHealth. Together we can work more effectively to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries receive the comprehensive support they need to tackle the complexities of retirement.” – eHealth CEO and Director, Fran Soistman.