Revolut launches in the United States 🦅

Revolut , the financial super app with over 2,000 employees and more than 10 million users, has launched in the US to offer the following features and services:

Spend and send money overseas
U.S. customers can spend and send money overseas at the real exchange rate, with no hidden fees. Equally, they can hold and exchange 28 currencies in the app, including British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, and the Euro.

Get your salary in advance
U.S. customers will be able to get their salary up to two days in advance via direct deposit at no cost. All deposits for U.S. customers are FDIC insured up to a value of $250,000.

Built-in budgeting
With Revolut, users can see exactly how much they are spending each month on things like groceries and restaurants and they can set up monthly budgets.

Round-up your spare change
With Revolut Vaults, users can round-up every card payment to the nearest dollar and build-up their spare change (the average Revolut customer puts about $20 aside each week through Vaults).

Send and request money from friends
Assuming both users have a Revolut account, U.S. customers can send money to and request money from, each other, instantly and for free.

Instant spending notifications
Users receive a notification for every card payment to their phone, telling them exactly how much they spent and where.

Free disposable virtual card
With its disposable virtual cards, each time users make a payment online, Revlut will automatically destroy those card details, then instantly generate new details in the app. This helps protect customers against online card fraud.