RightIndem partners with Flock

Claims platform specialist RightIndem has partnered with UK-based commercial MGA Flock Limited .

Founded in 2015, Flock provides insurance for fleets of commercial vehicles, including drones, cars, and vans. The company utilizes telematics data to augment pricing models, offering enhanced accuracy and competitiveness in the market. The collaboration with RightIndem enables “rapid claims reporting, efficient third-party capture, and superior customer experiences.”

“This collaboration with RightIndem is a strategic move to take our claims management to the next level. By embracing digital solutions, we are not only reducing claims costs but also putting our customers first.” – Sam Halford, Head of Claims at Flock.

“We are excited to join forces with Flock to drive innovation in the commercial motor insurance sector. Together we aim to set new standards in claims management, offering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an unparalleled customer experience.” – Oliver McGuinness, CEO at RightIndem.