Rising Edge is set to launch

Rising Edge , a London-based MGA, writing directors’ and officers’ (D&O) insurance is set to launch in the first half of 2021.

“Our company will provide D&O insurance at a time of unprecedented upheaval within the market. Launching a D&O platform from scratch in this environment and harnessing new capital is an audacious move. We are born out of a need to reinvent existing industry models. Inspired by the impact of technology, Rising Edge has developed a new way to offer brokers and clients insurance that gives them more than just the risk transfer mechanism itself. Today, we announce our imminent launch as a result of an increasing number of inquiries we are now receiving. The market seems excited with what we will bring – and so are we. We are busy putting the finishing touches to our operating and underwriting model, and starting on-boarding an incredibly experienced team. Watch this space!” – CEO, Rising Edge, Philippe Gouraud.

Rising Edge will offer the full spectrum of D&O coverage – offering primary and low attachment cover for a breadth of different companies, from those with US listed securities or international exposures to private businesses.

“We are excited to be bringing capacity to the London Market. This, coupled with our expertise, provides Rising Edge with a great opportunity to provide leadership in the D&O market, and to engage with companies and their directors on the multitude of risks they face today. We passionately believe that close engagement with clients and our legal partners at the outset leads to better outcomes on claims and can reduce the risk of litigation.” – Managing Director, Rising Edge, Yoel Brightman.