Root and Carvana offer auto insurance in 3 clicks

Root Insurance announced the second iteration of its auto insurance product distributed via car-buying site Carvana .

The new customer experience leverages integration that pre-fills key customer information so that a customer can skip data entry and jump directly to evaluating quotes and customizing coverage. This fully embedded product experience—from quote to payment—happens entirely within the Carvana checkout process. “An early iteration involved 24 screens in the customer experience flow—that experience is now just three straightforward steps.”

“Adding car insurance should be as easy as any other aspect of online shopping. Instead of starting a lengthy application or questionnaire elsewhere, Carvana customers can now easily insure their new vehicle on the same platform from which they purchased it. Together, Carvana and Root have created the easiest, quickest insurance experience, allowing Carvana customers to buy the right vehicle and feel confident they have the right coverage immediately.” – Alex Timm, Co-Founder and CEO of Root.

“Carvana has always been committed to simplifying and improving the car buying and selling process to benefit our customers, so supporting our customers’ insurance needs was a natural next step for us. We are excited to enhance our customer’s car buying experience with this very seamless, transparent insurance experience in partnership with Root.” – Ernie Garcia, Carvana Founder and CEO.

Bottom Line: Carvana Insurance Built With Root isn’t built on telematics.