Root Insurance welcomes Doug Ulman to Board of Directors following launch of mobile-first platform

Root, the first insurance company founded on the principle of fundamental fairness, today announced that Doug Ulman has joined its board of directors. Ulman joins Chris Olsen, a partner at Drive Capital, and Alex Timm, chief executive officer (CEO) of Root, on the board of directors.

Doug Ulman is a leader in cause and grassroots marketing, dedicated to building successful, authentic brands. He currently serves as the president and CEO of Pelotonia, a three-day philanthropic experience in Ohio that has raised more than $130 million for cancer research. Prior to joining Pelotonia in 2014, Ulman was President and CEO of the LIVESTRONG foundation, which he built into a globally-recognized brand and a leader in cancer survivorship. Doug has been recognized nationally for his work and consults regularly with both Fortune 100 companies and fast-growing startups.

“Doug Ulman has deep and proven expertise in building mission-based businesses that focus on changing the world for the better, and that’s precisely what we’re trying to do here at Root,” said Alex Timm, CEO, Root. “Not only is he nationally recognized, but Doug is also a local fixture here in Columbus, and we’re excited to have him with us to help execute a vision to strip the insurance industry back to it’s original cause – to be there for you on your best and worst days. He’s an unstoppable innovator at heart, committed to fixing what’s broken and laying foundations for true change.”

This announcement follows the launch of Root in Ohio. Root is the nation’s first insurance company to fully leverage mobile technology and actual driving data to ensure that good drivers are rewarded with the savings and modern experience that they deserve. Root’s data-driven approach ensures that good drivers get the best rates, rather than basing estimates almost exclusively on dated demographic information.

“Root is rebuilding auto insurance from the ground up. They’ve developed a modern approach, and in the process made it far more fair and accessible for good drivers. I’m proud to join the company’s board of directors and play my part in the reinvention,” said Doug Ulman, board member, Root. “The implications of mobile technology are massive for this industry, and Root is building a community platform for people seeking transparency. We’re on track to transform an industry ripe for disruption, and we all have a lot to gain from that.”

To get a personalized quote, drivers simply download the Root app, sign up, and drive as normal for 2-3 weeks. During that time, the app learns about their driving behavior, using proprietary machine learning algorithms and smartphone sensor data to more accurately understand the driver’s risk. At the end of the test drive, a personalized quote is generated, and the driver has the opportunity to buy a policy and cancel their current plan all from within the app. Good drivers receive the best rates, saving up to 50% over their current plan.

Root is currently only available to drivers in Ohio but is expanding rapidly to new states, starting with Illinois. Root is an official carrier licensed by Ohio Department of Insurance, a member of the Ohio Guarantee Fund, and backed by the largest reinsurance company in the world.

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