Roots Automation offers “Digital Coworkers”

Roots Automation , the NY-based startup on a mission to empower companies to free their people from repetitive and monotonous tasks, is introducing “Digital Coworkers” in the form of bots that can be taught and interacted with.

The startup, which was founded in 2018 and made its first Twitter appearance last month, promises no upfront costs, no IT investments and no changes to existing systems, with bots ready in as little as six weeks. The solution features a ‘Cockpit’ for customers, showing what their Digital Coworkers are doing, what work they’ve done, and where they need help. Customers can interact with their Digital Coworker in the Cockpit, help them learn and continue to get smarter.

Aside from the tech, the startup is betting on the attractive price point: “By designing our system to focus on the entire lifecycle, we were able to find massive efficiencies and cost savings, which we pass onto our users. That means you can start an automation project with Roots Automation for $4,000 per month – not $2-3 million.”

Roots Automation is led by two former AIG employees – Chaz Perera, who spent ~5 years in various roles with the most recent one being Head of Global Business Services and Chief Transformation Officer, and John Cottongim, who’s been with the insurer for almost 13 years, spending the last two as Automation COE Lead.