Safeco launches personal cyber coverage for home insurance customers

Safeco has launched a new personal cyber coverage endorsement for Safeco home policyholders. Safeco’s cyber protection, available in 24 states, includes a suite of “innovative coverages and services” designed to protect homeowners from today’s most pressing cyber threats such as identity theft, online fraud, cyber extortion, cyberattacks, data breaches and cyberbullying.

As part of the endorsement, Safeco also provides customers with expert-level case management and guidance from a dedicated team of specialists in the event of a cyber exposure. The endorsement includes proactive, comprehensive credit and deep web monitoring for sensitive information that may be posted for sale.

The endorsement starts at $52 a year for $25,000 in protection per policy period, with higher limits available. The company plans to introduce the endorsement in additional states in 2022 and 2023.

“Agents are always looking for innovative ways to offer peace of mind to their customers and this new cyber coverage offers protection against a burgeoning threat. Safeco is the first insurer to package proactive credit and identity monitoring services with full-spectrum cyber insurance at an incredibly competitive price.” – Liberty Mutual director of product solutions, Global Retail Markets US, Nathanael Curtis.