SafetyCulture looks to secure US capacity

SafetyCulture is in the process of securing insurance capacity in the US and UK for their MGA SafetyCulture Care .

In 2023, we reported that The Hartford was collaborating with this MGA. However, recent communications suggest this partnership might no longer be in place as The Hartford logo is no longer displayed via SafetyCulture’s site.


Now: SafetyCulture Care was launched in Australia three years ago to utilize data and insights from SafetyCulture, a global technology company that provides digital tools and solutions designed to enhance workplace safety, to prioritize preventive measures and “operational excellence.” Last year, it launched a commercial package product in collaboration with Allianz. This product offers higher coverage limits, catering to larger market segments.

SafetyCulture Care is now working on securing new underwriting capacity and partnerships to expand into the US and UK, and according to our Data, is appointed with Employers, a workers’ comp carrier, as of October 2023,