SambaSafety Joins Duck Creek Partner Ecosystem, Offering Auto Insurers in the U.S. and Canada the Ability to More Cost-Effectively Price and Assess Risk

Partnership gives Duck Creek customers seamless access to SambaSafety’s Volta™ service, providing actionable driver violation insights while reducing carriers’ Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) spend

BOSTON–November 7, 2019–Duck Creek Technologies announced today that it has expanded its Partner Ecosystem program through a new relationship with SambaSafety. For more than 20 years, SambaSafety has been a market leader in driver risk solutions; its Volta™ service provides comprehensive violation data combined with an Enhanced Rules Engine designed to accurately assess and price driver risk. An integration with Duck Creek Policy gives carriers access to Volta™ from directly within the Duck Creek Platform.

“Our insurance risk solutions provide cost-effective visibility into drivers’ behavior. This allows carriers to accurately assess driver behavior at lead, quote, bind and renew, while more effectively managing risk,” said Rick Fendell, Director of Insurance and Data Solutions at SambaSafety. “Partnering with Duck Creek and leveraging the Duck Creek Anywhere API is a perfect choice for us, and we are excited to help even more auto insurers make the right decisions at the right time, for the lowest possible cost.”

Volta™ offers a flexible solution that delivers MVR order filters and indicators. This solution can be paired with SambaSafety’s state data services with direct access to state DMV MVRs and alternative violation data services. This combination allows carriers to be more efficient, improving pricing and risk assessment. By accessing Volta™ through direct integration with Duck Creek Policy, insurers enjoy a more streamlined underwriting order and review process, significantly reducing MVR spend (up to 60%).

“SambaSafety’s solution decision engine is designed to optimize not only the cost of MVR ordering at bind, but also to enhance insureds’ buying experiences through cost-effective driver data at quote,” said Jeff Wargin, Chief Product Officer at Duck Creek Technologies. “Their solution is a win-win for insurers as well as their customers, and Duck Creek is thrilled to welcome them into our rapidly-growing partner ecosystem.”

SambaSafety’s Volta™ reduces MVR spend without sacrificing underwriting performance. Utilizing historical MVRs, state violation databases, and court records, its proprietary intelligent order management system automatically checks driver activity to determine if a new MVR is required. This results in unprecedented time and cost savings, eliminating unnecessary ordering of “clean” MVRs and associated state/data fees. Duck Creek and SambaSafety have jointly developed an Anywhere Enabled Integration, now available on the Duck Creek Content Exchange, for insurers looking to accelerate implementation through Duck Creek’s Anywhere API program.

About SambaSafety:

Since 1998, SambaSafety continues to be the pioneer and leading North American provider of cloud-based mobility risk management software solutions for personal and commercial insurance organizations. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver information, SambaSafety helps insurers to make informed decisions; employers identify high-risk drivers and enforce safety policies and background screeners perform accurate, efficient pre-hire checks. To learn more, visit

About Duck Creek Technologies:

Duck Creek Technologies paves a genuine path to the future for P&C insurance companies. Decades of insurance experience underpin advanced technologies specifically designed to accommodate change – allowing carriers to navigate uncertainty and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors. Duck Creek solutions are available standalone or as a full suite. All are available via Duck Creek OnDemand, the provider’s SaaS solution for the P&C insurance industry. For more information, visit

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