Schweizer partners with Gallagher Specialty

Helicopter manufacturer Schweizer announced a partnership with Gallagher Specialty’s Aerospace team to offer all Schweizer owners and operators “competitive” hull and liability insurance.

This “manufacturer-specific” insurance program was developed around Schweizer’s “legacy and record of quality, reliability, and unmatched safety.”

Gallagher structured the program with pre-negotiated rates and scaling limit structures, making it easy for owners and operators of Schweizer helicopters to access coverage. Any Schweizer owner or operator can apply for insurance through Gallagher and receive a quote based on experience, aircraft use, aircraft condition, and desired coverage levels at pre-negotiated terms.

“Schweizer is committed to helping our customers build their businesses, save money, and keep their helicopters flying. Insurance has been a large obstacle. Schweizer owners and operators are paying huge premiums that primarily reflect the risk associated with other helicopter makes and models. We approached Gallagher with the request that our customers’ insurance more accurately reflect Schweizer’s unmatched quality and safety record. The underwriting community agreed, which speaks volumes in today’s insurance market where there is no room for additional risk.” – Schweizer President and CEO David Horton says.

“We are thrilled to partner with Schweizer to redefine the insurance experience for helicopter owners and operators. This collaboration allows us to leverage our collective strengths to deliver unmatched insurance solutions that prioritize safety and peace of mind for our clients.” – Steve Lloyd, CEO Aerospace US at Gallagher.