Sea Level Rise Data for every address in the USA is now in the HazardHub API

HazardHub, the nation’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data, is excited to announce the introduction of Sea Level Rise calculations to their award-winning risk API.

Brady Foust, Ph.D., and Chief Scientist of HazardHub says, “We are very excited to add Sea Level Rise data to our suite of hazard risk data. The data is highly detailed and complex. Getting the data into a format that can provide an instantaneous view of any property in the county – in less than 2 seconds – was an incredible feat by our geospatial team.”

The HazardHub data will report the impact of one-foot increments – up to 10 feet – for any location in the US. Sea Level Rise data is fully integrated into the HazardHub API, along with more than 1000 additional data elements to help drive superior, risk-based decisions. The integrated approach to data allows users to better determine the risk of all perils for coastal areas in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

Data integration allows HazardHub to create highly detailed micro and macro views of the risk of sea-level rise. For example, one foot of Sea Level Rise will impact more than $9 billion of property in Florida. The communities with the most property risk in dollars are North Miami Beach ($669 Million), Clearwater ($630 Million), Key Largo ($571 Million), Pensacola ($507 Million), and Gulf Breeze ($479 Million). Communities with greater than 10% of properties at risk include Everglades City, Horseshoe Beach, Ponce Inlet, and Hutchison Island. Additionally, the HazardHub API will return the Sea Level Rise impact for any specific location

Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub adds, “The world is increasingly worried about the impact of climate change. Rising seas are perhaps the most tangible manifestation of climate-change risk. At HazardHub, our job is to take enormously difficult datasets like sea-level rise and make them easily and cost-effectively consumable via our API. It has taken an enormous effort to turn this data into something that can be used at both the portfolio and individual property levels. We are incredibly excited to add Sea Level Rise data to our ever-expanding lineup of property risks. Best of all, it’s free for our existing API customers.”

Sea Level Rise data is immediately available via the HazardHub API.

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