Securian Financial partners with Reclaim Health

Securian Financial is teaming up with Reclaim Health to increase benefit utilization for Securian Financial’s supplemental health insurance customers through claims integration and analytics.

As part of the partnership, supplemental health insurance customers can opt in to proactively manage their supplemental health benefits claims through Reclaim’s medical claims integration. Reclaim’s AI-powered claims analytics then matches with Securian Financial’s supplemental health insurance records to determine benefit eligibility and proactively sends notifications to employees who are eligible to submit claims for those benefits.

Claim integration powered by Reclaim is available at no additional cost to all Securian Financial supplemental health insurance customers.

“While more employers are offering supplemental health benefits to their employees to help stem the tide of rising medical bills, the benefits are still new and unknown to many employees. As a result, whether it’s forgetting that they signed up for the benefits or simple inertia, some employees fail to seek claims for benefit payments in which they are entitled Claims integration tackles this, with employees receiving a text message or email whenever they may be eligible for a claim. It’s important to our customers that the claims experience is fast, easy and personalized, and this medical claim integration solution really checks all those boxes.” – Ross Stedman, Securian Financial second vice president of business services.

“Our relationship with Securian Financial empowers employees to unlock the value of their supplemental benefits. Not only does the solution proactively notify eligible employees of opportunities to offset their medical costs through their supplemental benefits, but more importantly, our integration leverages their itemized medical billing data to efficiently facilitate claim adjudication and timely benefit payments.” – Nataly Youssef, PhD, Reclaim’s CEO.