Sell More, Earn More: Disability Insurance via Assurity’s API

You can start adding fast, easy disability insurance sales to your business or grow your existing disability sales with award-winning coverage via Assurity’s APIs.

Rising inflation and financial instability are causing more customers to search for security – disability insurance can help them stay afloat in case they’re ever totally disabled and can’t work. It pays customers a benefit each week or month, depending on the selected product, allowing them to stay on top of their regular expenses while unable to work. With high customer interest, now is the perfect time to begin selling disability insurance or expand your existing sales.

 Assurity is proud to offer robust, customizable disability products that fit more niches than almost any other carrier, including options for both long-term and short-term disability insurance coverage. Century+ Individual Disability Income Insurance offers fully underwritten, guaranteed renewable protection with monthly benefits. Income Protection Individual Disability Income Insurance provides short-term DI protection with highly flexible customization options, weekly benefits, no income verification or medical exams, and much more.

Century+ Individual Disability Income Insurance

Almost half of working Americans would feel financial hardship after six months or less without a paycheck, and many would feel that pain even sooner, according to Life Happens. Assurity’s Century+ Individual Disability Income Insurance can help them maintain stability with affordable, reliable protection. It’s an especially good fit for middle market occupations who rely on every single paycheck – and by focusing outside traditional DI targets like doctors and lawyers, you can quickly grow sales in an untapped market.

Features of Century+ DI include:

  • Monthly benefit amounts from $500 to $20,000 depending on occupation class
  • Issue ages 18 through 60
  • No income verification or medical exams for qualified applicants and benefit amounts up to $6,000
  • Two-Year Own Occupation Definition pays clients even if they can’t do their job, even if they can work in another occupation

Plus, you can expand protection with hard-to-find options like the Return of Premium Rider, which can return a portion of premiums paid if clients don’t use their coverage. And training materials like guides, sales ideas and more are yours to use when you partner with Assurity.

Income Protection Individual Disability Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection is another simple, reliable way for clients living paycheck-to-paycheck to ensure they have money if they’re disabled and can’t work. It’s highly customizable, featuring expansive elimination and benefit periods that allow your customers to create coverage that fits their needs and budget. Most importantly, it was built with digital sales in mind, giving you exciting new ways to speed up your sales and grow business online.

Income Protection stands out with a unique set of features, including: 

  • Weekly benefits up to $1,000
  • Issue ages 18 through 60 (age last birthday)
  • Accident & Sickness or Accident-Only* coverage options
  • Expansive benefit periods from 13 weeks* to 2 years
  • Elimination periods from 0-90 days depending on selected coverage options


Make More Sales with Assurity’s APIs

Assurity isn’t new to the disability insurance space – in fact, we were one of the first carriers to start selling DI, and we’ve become experts on it. Our coverage has been featured as among the best by USA Today,, CBS News and Business Insider, just to name a few, and we’re committed to helping you grow DI sales. That’s why we’ve made it easy to integrate with our API suite to grow your disability insurance sales quickly and at scale.

We’re proud to offer more APIs for life and health products than any other carrier, all designed to help you access fast quoting and application capabilities and speed up your sales. By integrating with our technology, you can open new revenue streams with little overhead and build solutions that work for you and your customers. We can help you reach more customers and maximize conversions with platforms that look and feel like the rest of your business and brand, powered by our unique digital solutions. When you partner with us, you’re in the driver’s seat with full control over a wide range of customization options that let you build what works for you.  

Assurity is a partner you can count on. We’re committed to helping our distributors develop new ways to sell, and we’re driven to work alongside you for your growth. Don’t get left behind. Join the others who are revolutionizing their sales and service with the best API selection in the insurance industry. Reach out to me today to get started.

About Assurity: As a mutual organization, Assurity was founded on the simple concept of people coming together to support each other in moments of need. We help people through difficult times by providing affordable insurance protection that’s easy to understand and buy. We all share in the future we create, and we believe in using our business as a force for good.

*Not available in California

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