Smartcar is now available across Europe

Starting today, the Smartcar platform is available in 29 European countries. After launching in Germany, the UK, Sweden, and Norway last year, Smartcar is now available in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, and many more countries across Europe. Some of our latest European customers include the car sharing marketplaces Zemtu and GoMore, the EV charging management platform eDRV, and the navigation solutions provider GPS Tuner.

Powering mobility worldwide

Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility businesses. Companies of all sizes use our APIs to easily integrate their apps and services with connected cars. Car sharing platforms use Smartcar to offer safe, contactless rentals. Auto insurers offer pay-per-mile insurance. Energy providers automatically charge EVs at optimal times to balance the electric grid.

Now available across Europe

Smartcar customers can now request early access to our APIs in 29 European countries, including Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

“Ever since we expanded to the first few European countries last December, Smartcar has created a lot of value for a variety of customers there,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “That’s why we’re excited to bring our platform to many more European countries today.”

Smartcar in Austria

The Austria-based car sharing software provider Zemtu has partnered with Smartcar to launch an API-powered keyless car sharing solution for businesses across Europe. The new API-powered product allows car sharing businesses to offer keyless rentals without hardware while saving onboarding time and costs.

Smartcar in Denmark

Another new Smartcar customer is the Danish peer-to-peer car sharing platform GoMore. GoMore offers keyless rentals of private cars across Europe. The company uses Smartcar’s location and lock/unlock APIs to offer safe, contactless rentals to its 2.7 million users during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Smartcar in the Netherlands

One of our early customers in the Netherlands is the EV charging management platform eDRV. eDRV has partnered with Smartcar to launch its new EV charging management solution Plug & Go, which lets drivers plug in their EV and automatically start charging. Plug & Go uses Smartcar’s APIs to identify and charge cars without the need for a mobile app, allowing drivers to simply plug in and walk away.

Smartcar in Hungary

The Hungary-based navigation solutions company GPS Tuner Systems uses Smartcar to offer a seamless route planning app for EV drivers around the world. The company’s mobile app EV Navigation uses Smartcar’s APIs to automate route planning, reduce range anxiety, and save electric car owners time and effort.

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