Snapsheet partners with Clearcover

Virtual claims management technology provider Snapsheet is announcing a new strategic partnership with Clearcover “to digitize and intelligently automate the claims process.”

Snapsheet’s SaaS claims management platform is a digital-first, cloud-native solution for all lines of property and casualty insurance. The company claims to have digitized every step of the claims process with features such as omnichannel engagement tools, electronic first notice of loss, and depositing payments into customers’ bank accounts. The platform also enables a built-in partner ecosystem that streamlines industry standard reporting such as OFAC compliance, C.L.U.E. contributions and CMS reporting.

“We’re proud to support Clearcover in bringing a touchless, automated claims experience to their customers and key stakeholders. This truly digital-first solution is powering a new model that the industry needs now more than ever. Digital transformation was already on the horizon pre-pandemic, but this unprecedented experience has been a catalyst for the adoption of touchless claims.” – Brad Weisberg, CEO and founder of Snapsheet.

“We’re redesigning the model of running an insurance company, and advanced technology is at the core of our business. Partnering with Snapsheet has allowed us to implement the industry’s smartest solutions to better serve our customers with a quality experience and affordable rates.” – Kyle Nakatsuji, founder and CEO of Clearcover.