SoFi and Ladder expand partnership to include estate planning

SoFi announced the expansion of its partnership with Ladder Insurance to include estate planning.

SoFi members now have the ability to draft their will for free and can also access legal services and more complex estate planning needs, including setting up a living trust and establishing power of attorney, for an additional cost.

The partnership with Ladder is powered by NetLaw, an online legal document platform, to provide a way for SoFi members to obtain estate planning documents that may be used to draft a will for free. SoFi members will also have the ability to store documents in a secure online document vault and make unlimited revisions to their will. Those members who wish to obtain legal services or have more complex estate-planning needs, like setting up a trust or power of attorney, will be able to assemble those services and documents as well, for an additional cost.

Bottom Line: following the herd.