Sometimes You Have to Take 2 Steps Back in Order to Take 3 Steps Forward

Over the past few weeks you’ve had the chance to #MeetBryanBryan Baird. In a personal kind of way. You’ve learned that he is a family guy, a BBQ master, can appreciate a classic, and is into sports. You also learned his favorite movies, what inspires him, and where he likes to dine.


There’s a saying that the best businesses are personal. We don’t remember where we heard it first. Only that it resonated. And while we live in a tech-led age, the focus remains on creating meaningful connections. Enter xagent, pronounced zagent, a platform that automates small commercial submissions to allow agents to enjoy single entry, multi carrier access to both standard and surplus lines insurers. In other words, a Universal Submission App, where agents input data once. Just once.


Let’s take two steps back. Bryan has built and sold two insurance wholesale operations. Most recently, he sold his senior living book of business – K&B Underwriters – and maintained his 50 state P&C/Surplus lines platform to reinvest in xagent. And while “most insurance companies just write the policy and you don’t see them until renewal time the next year”, K&B “actually came on site and had several training sessions with staff” – a once upon a time happy customer. And now you’ve met Bryan.