“Sorry, But Back Me Up Will Be No More”

Bottom Line Up Front: As of today, product insurance brand Back Me Up is no longer open for business.

Let’s back up. Established in August 2016, Back Me Up (BMU), aka the trading name of Ageas, offered an app to allow customers under the age of 50 to insure up to four key items for a monthly fee that ranged from £9.99- £18.99. To secure coverage, customers would take a picture of their favorite things, upload pictures to an app and swipe to protect. Also, the brand offered a reward scheme allowing customers to earn ‘points going on cash’ each time they recommended the app to a friend.

The idea was developed with/by London-based consulting firm ?What If! after a ~9 month ideation and development journey. Recall: Travelers’ Traverse is also the work of ?What If!.

Bottom Line: You can tick all the right boxes when it comes to attracting millennials (as did BMU) and still fail because you misunderstood the problem. As the saying goes,  a problem well-stated is half-solved. And we stated it for you here.