Squirro Launches GDPR Compliance Application

Augmented intelligence solutions provider  Squirro, has launched a new application that enhances GDPR compliance, the European Union (EU) data legislation that came into law in May 2018.

Squirro GDPR application deploys computing power to identify any GDPR requests that come into an organization and to gather structured or unstructured data from across the business, irrespective of the data’s location. Failure to comply with GDPR could result in a fine of up to €20m or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is greater, so businesses must be mindful of staying on top of compliance at all times.

“GDPR is a welcome update to the laws that surround consumer data privacy in the internet age, but it is also legislation that could prove a major challenge for many organizations. Consumer data is stored in almost countless silos all over a business – CRM systems, file servers, ERP, employee email and much more – so assessing this data for GDPR compliance is a significant undertaking. The Squirro GDPR application addresses this by using Augmented Intelligence, saving thousands of man hours by searching for and finding any data that needs to be GDPR compliant, wherever it is stored.” – Squirro CTO Toni Birrer.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest change to data privacy laws in a generation and applies to any organization that holds data on EU citizens. But so much modern data is both unstructured and stored in silos, meaning even finding GDPR data can be a challenge.

Squirro GDPR Application deploys Squirro’s cognitive search functionality to locate any and all data that needs to be GDPR compliant, even classifying this data according to user preference, before presenting results via the Squirro GDPR dashboard.

It also identifies and highlights any GDPR requests that come into an organization. A key element of GDPR requires companies to respond in a very short time span to any requests relating to a customer’s data. The Squirro GDPR Application not only automatically identifies any GDPR requests, but can also connect to generic inboxes for complete ease-of-use.

The GDPR application has been developed jointly with the cyber security experts from the Swiss software company AdNovum, Squirro’s Topic Expert partner.