SSIMPLE is More Than Insurance

Aspen Insurance has announced the launch of their cyber risk management platform, SSIMPLE, developed to assist clients in the prevention and detection of, and response to, privacy and network security incidents.

SSIMPLE, which stands for Secure Systems and Information Management Principles with the benefits of Loss Experience, includes existing components of Aspen’s Apex insurance policy and incident response capabilities, with pre-incident services – in what is meant to be a one-stop, holistic solution.

Services include: a web-based portal, Microsoft Office 365 security auditing, external network scanning to identify security risks, Domain Name System (DNS) threat intelligence and tools, and 24/7 endpoint monitoring to identify malicious activity.

“For the insurance industry, carriers that are able to optimize risk management services and offer in-house, technical expertise will be best positioned to capture market share. Agents and brokers should consider these factors when comparing the value Insurers bring to their clients and the cyber insurance market in general.” – Aspen Insurance Global Head of Tech E&O and Cyber, Josh Ladeau.