Sunday Security raises $4 million

Sunday Security closed a $4 million seed funding round led by MoreVC.

Founded in 2021, Sunday Security is on a mission to elevate cyber risk protection for senior executives and key personnel across the entire spectrum of their online digital identities and interactions. The product is powered by “advanced security intelligence and algorithms” and it includes 24/7 monitoring by a team of security experts.

“While at Pandora, we got to see firsthand just how insecure executives actually are in their personal lives, leaving the door wide open for attackers to gain further access to the enterprise. Executives are mainly focused on performing in their demanding positions and can’t be expected to become cybersecurity experts as well – that’s where Sunday comes in. Current solutions to the ‘personal cybersecurity’ problem fall into two main categories – they’re either consumer-based, designed to create a feeling of security without much substance, or they’re intrusive and unpopular, trying to force the enterprise security model onto the personal space. Our platform helps organizations create effective protection around their key personnel, without violating the critical ‘separation of church and state’ between their personal and professional lives.” – Zack Ganot, Sunday Security’s CEO and co-founder.

“Sunday’s innovative solution is attempting to reimagine the relationship between consumer and enterprise cybersecurity. Currently, there’s a painful informational gap between personal and corporate identities and bridging it would create a new level of protection for both the individuals and the enterprise they represent, as well as a new category in the market – enterprise-grade personal cybersecurity.” – Tom Kemp, former CEO at Centrify.

“The founding team at Sunday Security are deeply familiar with the vulnerabilities they seek to protect. Sunday’s offering secures a critical, exploitable and sensitive asset– its people. Critically, Sunday is securing organizations from accounts not managed by the enterprise and they are doing so without invading privacy or exposing the organization to sensitive personal data.” – Sian Goldofsky, principal at MoreVC.