Sunlight Solutions launches AI Assist

Sunlight Solutions , a cloud-native provider of core administration technology, announced the deployment of AI Assist, a toolkit that connects modern artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to key insurance use cases as part of Sunlight Enterprise, the company’s suite for insurance operations.

“AI is a true vehicle for modernization and of incredible value to both insurers and insureds when you have real use cases behind it. It doesn’t have to be scary or unrelatable, when used strategically, AI delivers visibility, efficiency, and something highly personalized. Through the combination of AI Assist and Sunlight Enterprise, we’ve enjoyed tying these powerful tools to insurance operations and we’ll look for more opportunities to do so with guidance from our customers.” – Florence Lamour, head of Sunlight operations in Europe.

Sunlight’s AI Assist leverages a myriad of technologies, including machine learning (ML), optimal character recognition (OCR), and generative language models to support users with use cases across claims, document analysis, and user training.

“AI Assist gives Sunlight users immediate efficiency gains with an ability to analyze, summarize, and extract information extremely quickly,. We first implemented AI to assess claims data for a MPL customer, analyzing case files that had hundreds of pages of related documentation. We quickly realized the internal benefit as well. We’re now using the same AI methods that are built into AI Assist for training Sunlight delivery teams and educating users.” – Bernadette Leh, president of Sunlight Simplify, a business unit dedicated to the medical professional liability (MPL) community.