Teletherapy startup Joon Care raises $3.5 million

Joon Care announced that it has raised $3.5 million led by Route 66 Ventures, with participation from PSL Ventures, Vulcan Capital and strategic angels.

The company offers a teletherapy service for teens and young adults who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and related conditions. It charges $90 for an initial 50-minute session. If the client is a minor, this call will include the client’s parents/guardians as well. After this session, the Joon therapist will send a customized treatment plan that will detail ongoing expenses. A typical 16-week plan that includes weekly live video-therapy sessions, access to the app-based skills, and a monthly parent check-in costs $500 per four week period.

“Joon’s mission is to make high-quality mental health care accessible to teens and young adults everywhere. Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, over 70% of teens and young adults are now reporting clinically significant levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness. The need for available mental health care has never been greater.” – co-founder and CEO Josh Herst.

Since spinning out of startup studio Pioneer Square Labs in April 2020 (under the company’s initial name, UpLift), Joon’s team of licensed youth-focused therapists has been counseling clients ages 13 to 24 in Washington State. Joon is now available in California, Washington and Oregon and will be expanding to additional states in 2021.