Telivy is a new cyber insurance player

Telivy, the San Francisco-based, Y Combinator-backed startup, is the new kid on the cyber insurance block. The B2B startup provides SaaS platforms and insurance agencies with an “embedded multi-carrier cyber insurance solution,” which allows them to offer cyber insurance for their small business customers.

Founded in 2021 by former Google, At-Bay, Hippo, and WTW employees, Telivy enables its business users to create and send branded digital cyber applications “in less than 1 minute.” Once the application is completed, Telivy promises at least one quote 99% of the time along with the option to export the application to PDF “that any of the top cyber carriers will accept,” if there’s interest for receiving additional quotes.

The startup currently features an option to join its waitlist and it is licensed to do business in 48 US states.