Tesla is working on a new service for insurance customers

Based on a job posting, Tesla may be working on an in-house solution for providing insurance customers with rentals while their vehicles are being repaired.

The automaker/carrier is hiring a project manager, business development in San Jose, California to “support the sustaining of the San Jose rental program launch for Tesla insurance customers.” The individual will be tasked with scheduling customers out of the collision center, communicating rental terms, managing the contracts, billing Tesla insurance and leading all communications with customers.

The listing mentions “a much larger launch” as well as launching “small pilots to determine feasibility.”

There’s another listing that was found on LinkedIn which mentions launching a Tesla Rental Program in Texas. Based on the description, the company is looking to launch a small pilot in all of its collision sites in the state. In addition, a pilot will be launched in airports for Tesla employees.

Based on insurance filings, Tesla Insurance reimburses policyholders with rental coverage so they can rent a vehicle from a rental agency or auto repair shop.