The Brand Insurer Checklist: Five things to look for in an insurtech partner

By Nate Kinet, CRO at Sure

Whether they’re buying a new car, purchasing a high-value collectible, planning their honeymoon, or renting a new apartment, it’s no secret that customers prefer a streamlined buying experience. With a majority of transactions taking place online, technology-fueled experiences are making it easier for insurance to be integrated into the buying process.

This is especially relevant for brands looking to expand revenue streams and enhance the customer experience. Brands bring a unique perspective to insurance. They are the authority on the way their customers perceive their brand and the types of messaging that will garner understanding and evoke a positive reaction. Yet, even with this knowledge, they still need a team of experts that understand the full insurance lifecycle to bring a successful solution to market.

One key to maintaining the customer’s confidence in your brand while branching out into insurance is finding the right insurtech partner. Click below to learn the five things brands should look for when evaluating insurtechs.

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