The Co-operators backs Geosapiens

Geosapiens , a Canadian company specializing in flood risk modelling and analysis, has closed its first round of financing with an investment from Co-operators . This investment will allow Geosapiens to deploy its flood mapping model across Canada by the end of 2022.

Founded in 2017, Geosapiens markets web-based products and services that provide dynamic and predictive flood mapping and an assessment of flood impacts on property and people. Geosapiens’ products also include financial modelling of flood risk at the building level.

“This strategic investment from such an important player in the Canadian insurance industry represents an important milestone for Geosapiens. It will enable us to accelerate the deployment of the most accurate flood model in Canada, helping our clients to better prepare for risks thanks to accurate and reliable information.” – Hachem Agili, CEO and co-founder of Geosapiens.

“We are pleased to have Geosapiens join our growing roster of leading-edge strategic partnerships. As climate-related risks increase in frequency and severity, it’s crucial that we focus on building more climate-resilient communities. Our investment in Geosapiens will create collaborative opportunities to better prepare and inform Canadians of flood dangers and mitigate extreme flood events for those most at risk.” – Clément Brunet, VP of P&C Business Intelligence at Co-operators.